I’m trying to compile the wfserver version. It complains about no such file when trying to include Eigen.

Dennis Engdahl

Hi Dennis.

The wfserver branch is not stable at the moment, please stick to master!



Hi, Phil:
I was following instructions on the Patreon discussion in order to try to get audio metering. I am connected to an Icom 7100 on a Raspberry Pi, using the latest Debian source, and controlling the radio with a remote Windows copy using the latest (4/1) nightly build. No audio metering! So I unsuccessfully tried the wfserver version as per the Patreon instructions.

Dennis Engdahl

Ah, sorry I didn’t realise Elliott had been pointing people to use this branch on Patreon, if you checkout from before the changes made in the last week or so, you should be OK but I have started rewriting the audio handling and it is very much in a state of flux at the moment.

73 Phil M0VSE

I’m getting a similar when I try to compile the master branch.

fatal error: eigen3/Eigen/Eigen: no such file or directory

This happens when compiling audiohandler.h

Any suggestions for a work-around? Thanks.

Hi Harry,

Yes. What OS?

de W6EL

Hi Harry,

For linux:
sudo apt-get -y install libeigen3-dev
For windows:
git clone

de W6EL

Hi Harry,

the same problem existed here!
The error was that the script was from November 2021. Please try Download again completely.
Before delete the old script in Download Folder.
After that there were no problems to compile in Linux Mint and Raspian OS.
WFview runs very stable with the software updates.

**** Info from wfview webpage Downloads:

For debian-based systems (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Raspberry Pi, etc), you may obtain the latest version of the master branch of wfview by running this build script:

Simply download the script to ~/Downloads and run the following commands:

cd ~/Downloads
chmod +x

73 Andy

I’m running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

I will install the libeigen3-dev package and download the updated script.

Harry W3YJ

That worked. Thanks!

Harry W3YJ