WFVIEW 1.1 released

all, we just released v 1.1

some of the added features are as follows:

The following highlights are in this dot-release:

 added IC7700, 718, 7100. (more testing needed)
 fixes and improvements to audio
 ability to choose between rtaudio and qtmultimedia (default) as compile time option
 fixes and lots of improvements at the usb-server end
 waterfall length can be adjusted now
 no need to restart to change CIV address
 seamless changing rigs without restart
 started support for older rigs like the 718
 wf display disappears when there is no wf capable rig
 IC R8600 support improved
 for older rigs added a polling timing box to keep stuff keeping smooth 
 Local af gain now has anti-log audio pot taper.
 you can select a second meter in the UI 
 bug fixes

Installed and built on Raspberry Pi Buster. I’ve found a couple of bugs:

  1. Top half of S-meter is covered. Please see portion of screen shot I’ve uploaded.

  2. The changelog says there’s a setting for adding a secondary meter added on 20210717. I do not see this in the settings.

Just to show that I really am running v1.1:

Installed as follows:
git clone Elliott Liggett / wfview · GitLab -b v1.1

Harry Bloomberg

Hi Harry

The second meter was removed just before the release of 1.1 as it wasn’t quite ready, it will be back in the master branch soon as it will be in 1.2.

The text cutoff is most likely a scaling issue on your OS as I don’t see that with 100% scaling in Windows, Mac or Linux. In the Pi there is an option to change the scaling.




Where is this option in the Pi to change the scaling? Is it a wfview build option, or a setting in the OS?

Harry W3YJ

Hi Harry, I set the ‘small screen’ defaults in Preferences/Appearance Settings within the Pi menu

73 Phil M0VSE

This works and solves the problem… But this is odd because I’m running a 1920x1200 monitor, which I wouldn’t consider small.

Thanks and 73,
Harry W3YJ

Hi Harry.

Yes we have significant work to do on screen scaling but it is a complex process detecting the current screen scaling/size and adapting to it.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Harry,

If you want to experience the slightly-broken secondary meter (it works but doesn’t scale properly and is not aware of radio metering capabilities), you can enable it using a “DEBUG” build of wfview (a compile-time option). You can see this in lines 673-679 in wfview.cpp.

As Phil said, making custom widgets with scaling has been more nuanced than I thought it would be. Especially fonts. But we’ll get there.

Your build does, without any changes, have a proper TX meter now at least.

de W6EL

Thanks. No big deal. I spent the last 10 years of my career in software QA and it’s hard for me to turn that off.

I greatly love using the program. I’m making a lot more QSOs now because I see signals pop up in the big waterfall while I’m operating remotely. Even with the IC-705, it’s so much easier to see the waterfall on my small laptop than on the IC-705 with it’s waterfall and metering enabled.

Harry W3YJ

Hi Harry,

Glad to have you aboard! I’m doing the same, making lots more contacts and also enjoying listening casually far more, as I can now listen from my kitchen and office effortlessly. Heck, I can even hear the local AM radio stations from my basement now…

de W6EL

Will the script correctly install 1.1 over 1.0, or is there another recommended method for Ubuntu?

Hi Dave,

Yes the script will always fetch and build the latest master branch of wfview (which is where the 1.1 release is also built from).

73 Phil M0VSE

This is great news and congratulations on a sucessfull build to all involved.
Are there any current plans in future releases to allow access to functions in the radios such as turning noise reduction on or off or adjusting its levels?
I’m currently happy with the V1.0 that I’m running with the radio sitting about 3km away.

Paul VK0PD

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that would be enough I guess :wink:

there are more exciting features on the todo list like dual watch/rx and scopes; agc settings/levels, nb, nr, all the stuff you normally would need when you are not 3km away.

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Any progress on audio transport for non-server radios. In particular the 7300. I’ve a contest coming up in a few weeks and I’d like to be able to share my station.

In our tests, the server mode in v1.1 works much better than v1.0 so give it a try.

73 Phil M0VSE