Wfview 1.1 Windows 10 server not seen

I have installed WFView on a Windows 10 computer as server and use a Macbook MacOS 11.4 as client.
Previously with version 1.0 I could connect the Mac to the Win10 server, now it does not connect. From the Mac I can ping the Win 10 IP address.
The Windows installation appears to work well over USB with my IC-7410.

Hi Reinier.

This should definitely work ‘but’ there have been some changes to the server code in v1.1a, one change is the way that we store passwords. It should be transparent to the user but if you can’t connect, can you try re-entering your passwords in the Server Setup dialog of wfview?

If this doesn’t work then if you could post both the client and server log files Log file | wfview we should be able to tell what is going on.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil, no luck with password change.
Switching roles: trying MacOS as server and Win10 as client works. Definitely needed password change, but the Win10 client connected. Switching back to Win10 as server brought the issue back, the MacOS does not “see” the server. Attached are the logs.
wfview.log (3.0 KB)
wfview.log (1.7 KB)

Solution is to remove the old registry settings on the server side.
Thanks Phil!

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