Wfview 1.60 and IC-7610, no spectrum signals

I get no spectrum signals on the screen from my IC-7610
On IC-9700 it is ok.

wfview is compiled from source Files · bb632b8 · Elliott Liggett / wfview · GitLab

Fedora 34 system
release 1.50 is ok.

Profiles are reused form 1.50


We need a bit more information to debug this, what exactly is happening as many users have the IC7610 working fine in 1.60?

Can you post your log (Press Log button, send to termbin and post the URL you receive)?

73 Phil

The spectum and water displays are empty, center(VFO) marker frequency are displayed correct, annotations are correct


Should add that wsjt-x works ok together with wfview 1.60

That is strange, is the “Enable WF” checkbox checked? (it’s underneath the waterfall). If it is, try unchecking it and checking it again.

If this doesn’t fix it, the only other potential issue I have seen is where people have changed the “Waterfall Format” combobox from Default to “Multi (serial)” although this issue should be fixed if you are running the current v1.60 TAG from gitlab.

Enable WF: not help

I have played a little with the colors for the spectrum…it seems not to be correct vissible versus setting…have no figured it out yet

Guess missing graph are caused by wrong colors…but not sure
But stranges it works with IC-9700 (seperate profiles)
Waterfall format combobox ???
Where is that ?

Corrections: Annotation values (frequency axis spectrum) is wrong
Have span of 28.0-28.5 MHz (Fixed egde) on radio but spectrum shows 0 - 5

Additional info:
IC-7610 are in transverter mode…shows 44.0 - 44.5 MHz
(2m transverter)

Found the reason for the failure:
On IC-7610 spectrum was set to “SUB” band, change it to “MAIN” then everything is ok.

Don’t know if that’s by design…but it was not doing it on release 1.50

Ah that makes sense!

In wfview 1.50 it didn’t understand the concept of Main/Sub so would just display any scope data that was provided. In Dual scope mode, this had the undesired effect of displaying both Main/Sub interleaved between each other!

While we prepare for dual-scope support, which we hope will arrive in v1.70, wfview currently just ignores any data for the Sub scope.

73 Phil


That’s ok I will live with that until 1.70 :wink:
But what about:
Waterfall format combobox ???
Where is that ?

@phil is there any branch with dual scope already in place to test?

Don’t worry about the “Waterfall format combobox” (it’s in Settings\External Control) as setting that was to get around a particular issue when v1.60 was first released.

It’s actually designed to be used to combine the waterfall data received from USB connected rigs to appear to be LAN connected (and vice versa) and is only really useful when connecting to programs that expect a certain format (N1MM+ etc.)

@sq6emm No branch yet, it’s just a plan at the moment!

Waterfall combobox

Found !..Thanks