WFView audio on PC

I have a couple of issues that may or may not be related, and am at a total loss towards resolving:
1). No radio audio is heard on the PC speaker (no other apps running, just the vb cables, vspe, and WFView. This has worked in the past. Not sure when it changed as I usually don’t care to hear digital and would have muted the speakers anyway.
2). WSJT and CW Skimmer are no longer seeing any audio signal to decode (waterfall is totally clean). This changed after I closed out WSJT and returned shortly after.

LAN Connection
VB Cable Driver
Windows 10

The latest config change was to enable RigCtld.

Additional Info
CAT is working perfectly - it’s an audio issue
Radio is in wifi access point mode - new today, so might be related. Not where I can connect to a router atm.
I can see audio signal in the volume mixer app, and have confirmed setting is not speaker, but is “Cable Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)”. Neither makes a difference.

I’m talking basic setup of WFView that has been working and should be a no brainer. Nothing stands out in WFView logs (I really don’t think it is a WFView issue). Thoughts?


Hi Dave.

Sorry I’m a bit confused, if you are using wsjt-x via virtual audio cables then you won’t hear audio as the audio out of wfview is fed directly into wsjt-x.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil,
Two issues - the first is hearing audio on the PC while running SSB, for example. I usually set audio to speaker/mic on both WFView and the PC. Nada.

The second issue that prompted this post (the real problem) is I suddenly lost receive audio in WSJT-X after exiting the app, and then reopening. I can’t tell you exactly what I did between stopping and restarting the app No decode, no green happiness on the receive meter in WSJT-X. In this case, the audio set is set to the VB cable I/O, as well as on the PC. It “seems” that WFView is working properly, as I see audio signal in the Windows Volume Mixer, but again, nothing in any downstream app, such as WSJT-X or CW Skimmer.

I would break this down.

You mention that the windows mixer “sees” the audio but you don’t hear anything.
You also state that speaker/mic does not give you the audio of wfview.

I think it’s safe to say that wfview brings teh audio to windows. and at that point it fails.
I would say – backup your virtual audio cable stuff; remove all of it and get the normal
audio working. If that’s the case you can add the virtual audio cable stuff again.

I leave you here to find out exactly how as I don’t use windows often nor have the ability to t/s
but for me it looks like you, windows. vac is sending teh audio to a place where nothing useful lives.

Roeland, I agree that WFView appears to be working as expected. I’ll go revisit the virtual cable setup with a fresh install, but doubt that’s the issue as it really doesn’t have an interface to change a setting on the fly. Time for more digging.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Resolved. Appears to be VB Cable driver is the issue. Even though shutting off the driver, rebooting, etc, did not resolve it. A total uninstall and reinstall took care of the issue.

Issue 1 - Working. I can now monitor signal on the PC speakers, as expected. Makes CW ops a little smoother.
Issue 2 - Working. WSJT-X audio receive and decoding working. CW-Skimmer audio receive and decoding working.

Phil - I can confirm that I can listen to digital audio concurrent to WSJT-X decoding. The audio can feed to multiple endpoints.
Roeland - you are right - the driver reinstall is what it took, when a driver stop/restart did nothing.

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