Wfview client hangs on Windows client/server

I’ve installed wfview (originally v1.1) to run an ICOM 7300 within my internal network. I have a clean (no other apps installed) Windows 7 computer dedicated to the task on the server side, as well as a Windows 10 client also running v1.1. From a short testing period, I didn’t observe any issues.

However, I realized quickly that I’d want some of the newer features of hamlib/etc, so I installed 1.2d on both sides. Everything is functioning, however the client audio will occasionally freeze. When this does, it’s for a fairly extended time (>minute?). The server continues to show an active waterfall/etc during this time, and continuous pings show a stable connection between them. Attempting to disconnect/reconnect the client doesn’t work. Of course restarting the server then connecting the client does (or just waiting).

Throughout my testing, I’ve increased the buffering - the last failure had latency values set to ~320. I’ll provide a debug log shortly, as new users can’t upload.

I appreciate your thoughts!


Yes we are aware of this issue in 1.2d and this is fixed in the current master branch. We will be releasing new windows/Mac builds once we are happy that everything is working,

73 Phil M0VSE

Great, thanks! Hoping this might be in the Windows build in time to test out before Winter Field Day? :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your hard work on an awesome tool!

With the fix in the Master branch, you can grab a copy of a windows “testing” build from our weekly automated build folder next Monday at around 1100 UTC (3 AM PDT):

Be sure and keep your existing version. Simply place the testing build in the same folder and try it out.

de W6EL

Thanks. I believe it’s already fixed in the 20220117–03-00-01 build. Or if not, it’s sure been treating me well since I put that on a couple days ago. :slight_smile: