Hi people,
for a long time, I’ve been using this software under UBUNTU for my radio station (IC-7300 via USB), and I’m very happy with it.
I use it to remote from a laptop via 4g, and it works great.
Another function I have him do is to connect the log program (CQRLOG) and the FT8 program, either Wstjx or JTDX, all via hamlib and rigctl.
Until a while ago, everything was working fine, but since a few months, I don’t know if because of some change with Rigctld or Hamlib, I started having problems.
The first thing I noticed was that the connection to the CQRLOG wasn’t quite working, and it wasn’t detecting the transmission mode, among other things. Talking to Saku, OH1KH from the CQRLOG team, he told me that sending via rigctld was not working well, that there were some new modifications that prevented it from working properly. At the same time, an option was implemented in the CQRLOG that adapted the data so that WFview could understand it. This is the “compound +f +m +v” that for WFVIEW you need to separate the commands into three.
I don’t know very well how it works either, but the truth is that by unchecking this check, the communication is correct.
Another problem I’ve seen, and probably related to this same problem, is that neither Wstjx nor JTDX just work well communicating with rigctl to the wfview.
Everything seems to work well, but every now and then it doesn’t go to tx, or in the case of F/H it doesn’t split correctly… details I discovered recently when I didn’t understand why some new DXCCs were responding to me, but it was impossible to finish the contact
As a confirmation that something is happening, I disconnect wfview from the radio, and connect FLrig to it and the FT8 programs work perfectly using rigctld. I haven’t lost a TX again and the split works fine.
As a workaround it’s doable, but I imagine if the changes to the Rigctld service can be properly implemented, everything would go back to working as before.
I must say that all the programs used are in the latest version. and the WFview was compiled with the script less than 7 days ago.
However, if I don’t do ft8, I turn off flrig, and I always use WFview, no problems.

73 from Catalonia.

The various problems with the rigctld have been discussed here on numerous occasions, as I have told previous posters, the wfview rigctld needs to be completely rewritten to resolve both the compound command and missing TX command issues.

I am a significant way through doing this, but it isn’t ready for use yet (many other features still do not work properly)