WFView crashes after Install WIN 11

I installed a new PC.
Also I installed WFView .
After setting up my IC-9100 (CIV Adress 7C and 19200baud) it crashes and after restart it crashes after about 3 seconds

Try the 32-bit version, if you haven’t yet.

de W6EL

Stephen HB9GFX sorry to hear about problem. Suggest you try adding some ferrite beads to the DC power lines. Another set on your CAT cable . Check the internet for getting them . Sorry I can’t help you more. Hope this helps. 73 OM DE WD6EDT MIKE

I installed the 32bit version now. That works.
It has nothing to do with HF in the CAT interface. I never transmitted right now after install the PC again. I had the 64bit version also before but maybe 1/2 year old. worked also perfect without any issue.
73 de Stefan

User reports suggest that ‘some’ 64 bit Windows installations crash on startup. I have never been able to reproduce this which makes it tricky to diagnose.

I too have a problem running the 64b version. I installed the 32b version, it runs, but no waterfall display yet… I did a reinstall of the 64b in another directory with the same results; program exits after about two seconds. I am running 3 monitors and two video cards (nvida).

Any suggestions? 1. get the waterfall and spectrum display 2. get the 64b version working

73 chuck

There is currently very little reason to run the 64 bit version over the 32 bit. If the 64 bit crashes for you, then don’t run it! We have so-far been unable to replicate this issue (a search of the forum would have revealed several other people experiencing this issue, and our answer, including the thread that you have added to.)

Similarly, there is a dedicated section of the FAQ on which covers known waterfall issues.