WFview Crashing macOS Ventura... Memory leak?

IC-705 using WIFI over lan crashes after 30 seconds. Have to wait a minute to restart. Using VB-audio driver.

Running :
VB Audio Cable 1.0.8

Model Identifier:|MacBookPro18,4|
Model Number:|Z15H00106LL/A|
Chip:|Apple M1 Max|
Total Number of Cores:|10 (8 performance and 2 efficiency)
Memory:|32 GB|
System Firmware Version:|8419.60.44|
Ventura 13.1

Logs: **

WFview crashes and has to be force quit after crash.

Hi Chris.

It is more likely that it is crashing because you are using wfview on a CPU (M1) and operating system (Ventura) that we have never been able to test it on! Also the underlying framework (Qt5) that wfview uses is not tested on these either.

I have successfully built a universal binary using Ventura and Qt6.4.2 (the latest version) and we will likely be performing a new release of wfview once we have completed various testing, but so far it seems stable on my Intel MBP.

73 Phil M0VSE

Can I test it? Where can I download?

No not yet, we will announce when a release is available.

Recommendation? Let me know if you would like another couple of testers. I have a friend with macbook (intel) and IC705.

I’m running a MacBook Air (M1) with Catalina, and it runs great on my IC-R8600 over LAN. Never crashed once.

-73 from

Brad Darnell


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I’ve been playing with different audio drivers to try and get it to work. Blackhole, VCP, Virtual Audio. Seems like there may also be a latency issue.

I’m running V1.5 on a MBP M1 Max under Ventura 13.1 with no issues.
Connecting to IC705 both LAN and USB.

KC1BVI - would be interested to see how you’re configured? What are you using for an audio driver?

@K1VH, I’m using blackhole when network connected and USB audio codec when cabled.

These are my wfview settings when network connected:


16 January


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@K1VH, I’m using blackhole when network connected and USB audio codec when cabled.

These are my wfview settings when network connected:


Here’s some other settings:

Works fiine with my Macbook Pro M1 running 13.1 and connecting via network to my IC-R8600. The only issue is the known audio device issue that has a work around.

Carol, K1CSF

Hi Chris.

I don’t think it is likely to be the cause of your issue, but is there any reason why you are using PCM 2ch 8bit audio? That is possibly the least useful option there as a: 8bit audio is significantly lower quality than 16bit. And b: The IC705 simply sends the same audio to both channels using twice the bandwidth necessary.

Another point worth making is that you are sending TX and RX audio to the same place. This will cause some of the RX to bleed into TX and can cause other issues. I recommend using a virtual soundcard that supports multiple devices like the paid version of Loopback which supports 2 separate audio loopback devices.

I will try to get a signed build completed this week of the current code, there are some significant improvements over 1.50, including many audio related fixes

73 Phil M0VSE


Thanks for looking at this issue. I appreciate your work on the project and the amount of time you’ve put into solving a problem. I wish ICOM had invested the same amount of time. I still don’t understand why they charge for similar, but limited software.

I’ve played with different audio drivers… the previous attachments were just the latest iteration. Which audio system should I use?

I’ll look at Loopback. I had it installed at one time



I have never gotten TX to work with sample rate at 48000. I see no output audio being received. The transceiver power stays at zero and the bandscope in wfview “view” tab and on the radio waterfall shows no xmit. Confirmed no transmitted signal using monitor.

It works at sample rate 24000, but I usually use sample rate 16000 though, because that looks “cleaner” in the scope and sounds more consistent.

Is that expected?

I adjusted my settings to match everyone who has it working (see attached), and I have had it working for over 5 minutes. I’m using Blackhole 2CH and PortAudio. I also have WSJTx up and running. I’ll work on MacLoggerDX next and FLRIG. Thanks everyone!

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Is common to have a latency of 800+ms?

it all depends… but generally not no.