WFview for multiple radios on Windows question

I searched for this, and could only find Linux instructions. I’m going to simplify this on the server end by having multiple servers with different ports. The problem is I need to create different profiles on a single client laptop for each server/radio. What’s the easiest way to do this?

Hi Earl,

You just need to make desktop shortcuts that specify different settings files. The settings files need not even exist a priori, just make the shortcuts and wfview will create the files in their special locations for you when you press Save Settings.

You could make the shortcuts like this:

wfview.exe --settings ic7300.conf
wfview.exe --settings ic7100.conf


If you google for “windows create shortcuts with command line arguments” you will see how to do it. I would write step by step directions but since I do not actually use windows I might mislead you.

de W6EL

You mentioned back in 2021 that you where considering separate profiles to handle multiple radios. Is the Windows shortcuts idea the workaround and only current solution for the multiple radios issue? Are there any plans for a wrapper to create multiple profiles for different radios?

Hi Peter,

The way we’re doing it is via shortcuts. That way you can have an icon on the desktop for each radio.

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