WFview for multiple radios on Windows question

I searched for this, and could only find Linux instructions. I’m going to simplify this on the server end by having multiple servers with different ports. The problem is I need to create different profiles on a single client laptop for each server/radio. What’s the easiest way to do this?

Hi Earl,

You just need to make desktop shortcuts that specify different settings files. The settings files need not even exist a priori, just make the shortcuts and wfview will create the files in their special locations for you when you press Save Settings.

You could make the shortcuts like this:

wfview.exe --settings ic7300.conf
wfview.exe --settings ic7100.conf


If you google for “windows create shortcuts with command line arguments” you will see how to do it. I would write step by step directions but since I do not actually use windows I might mislead you.

de W6EL