Wfview Freezes

I’ve noticed if I leave Wfview on for a long time, particularly overnight when I look at it in the morning, it will be frozen. This happens both on my PC and Mac. Maybe it has something to do with the computer screeng turning off?

Hi John.

If your PC/Mac actually goes to sleep (not just switching off the screen) then I would expect the waterfall to be frozen when it is ‘woken’ up as eventually the radio will realise that the connection has disappeared and will disconnect it.

It may be possible to make wfview reconnect on wakeup of the computer but to be honest, you are best to make sure the machine is set to never go to sleep.

I have had wfview running for days without incident.

73 Phil M0VSE

I’ll double check but I don’t think they go to sleep. Thanks.

My PC does not sleep, although the screens do shut off, but I have had wfview running for days without a problem.