WFview freezzeees!

Hi again … Well, a few days ago I compiled the wfview on my linux PC that I have in the radio shack. it seems to be fine, but from time to time it loses its radio connection, and only comes back to life by closing and opening wfview.
it happens to me with both the IC705 via LAN / wifi and the IC7300 via USB.
Instead the linux pc that I have remotely in my office, where I have an older version of wfview, the connection to the IC705 is stable and I can have it during the 8 working hours without it failing even once.
The wfview of the 7300, on the remote, does fail, but I understand that it is because it is failing on my shack computer, instead the 705 has its own server and does not go through the radio shack computer.
the version installed on the shack and fails is: 440429b
the old version installed in the office is and does not fail: c4a9465

Both versions have been compiled on the PC, and both PCs are running the same (latest) version of Ubuntu.

Hi Jordi.

I have discovered the causes of a few freezes while rewriting the server code for the wfserver branch so hopefully we will soon be able to merge these changes into master.



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