wfview/ic-705/ft8 via WLAN

looking for a tutorial on setting up wfview and IC-705 to do ft8. I have all the software pieces (wfview, vspe, vb-cable). saw a few videos on YT (ex: but they seem to be using much different versions of vfview than current which is confusing me to no end as I can’t find many of the settings, like where to specify the virtual com port being used, etc.

I tried to search here and elsewhere for a more up-to-date tutorial featuring a more current version of wfview, but I’ve not found one.

please help…


What version do you have?

version 1.64 (64-bit)

Hmm. That is up to date with our documentation. Have you looked through the manual yet?

de W6EL

I’ll look again, but I didn’t see anything specific first time around. I may have missed it though. The heat here in the northeast is so brutal that the AC can’t keep up. My home office is 88F so my patience is really low and my brain is melting :melting_face: Sigh…