wfview / ic-705 & virtual serial port, I offer my solution.

Good day all,
I’ve gotten both builds of wfview working just fine on win10 x64, wifi to the ic-705, VBCable (the free one) for virtual audio, and for serial I’m using Com0com (open source) from a guy named Pete’s blog which has signed driver’s for win10 x64.
Pete’s Blog: com0com signed drivers
Read the README for the drivers, and follow along with the command-line as an admin, further along in the readme has some tricks to getting some things working.
I first changed the default port names to com2 & 3 respectively, then enabled “baud rate emulation” & “Buffer over-run emulation”, the command’s are listed in the same readme in the FAQ section.
After these changes things worked, and didn’t beforehand.
I use Log4OM as a portable install for my logging, it comes with OmniRig allowing one to use multiple apps with one serial port. So I use this for my rig-control in Log4OM, WSJT-x, most every app has support for omnirig. (All apps open at once.)
Hoping this will help other’s having problems with serial what-not and such, Good luck!
Indoors on my wonderwand loop, on the 20m band, about 5 watts was reaching over 1k distance with FT8, completely wireless. Side-note; I’m legally blind and find wfview quite easy to get around, thanks alot for that!
73 de K1BQY

Thanks for that Bryan.

I have used com0com before but it isn’t the easiest to get going so that blog post will certainly be useful for users who are looking for a ‘free’ solution!

Glad to know that you are finding wfview quite easy to navigate, we are hoping to add a number of accessibility enhancements and welcome feedback on usability.

73 Phil M0VSE