Wfview installed as portable for Windows on a USB Stick

Hello, I’ve read all round without finding any mention to it.

I would like to have installed Wfview on a USB Stick (for Windows 10 or 11) so that I can move it from laptop to laptop (all Windows) without having any further installation. Wfview should be “portable”.

The first installation on the USB Stick would be done with Administrator rights.
I do not have Adimnistrator rights for all following laptops where I would use the USB Stick.

Has anyone any experience to share?

Thank you.

Hi Andrew.

I have never tried it, but ‘In theory’ this should work, just run the wfview installer and set the USB stick as the destination. This will ensure that the correct directory structure is configured.

By default, wfview uses the Windows registry to store its configuration, you can run wfview.exe with the -s argument to specify a .ini file to use instead. The full list of available command line arguments is available here: Command-Line Arguments | wfview


Hello Phil, thanks for your suggestion.

I’ve installed wfview on a usb stick and it’s working.
I created a shortcut to the exe file as you se below, I made my settings, saved them and changed the usb to another pc after checking the settings were running well.

The Windows shortcut created

J:\Wfview\wfview.exe --settings .\ic-7610-LAN.conf

After inserting the usb in another laptop I must reset the settings as they would be never created.

  • I tried also without relative path ".", only with the filename, but nothing.
  • I do not find any ic-7610-LAN.conf file on the stick (nor on the HD)

I suppose the conf files are saved somewhere on the pc at the first launch, not on the usb stick.



I think you will need the entire (absolute) path for the settings file. This may be complicated if the drive letters change on the PC you use it with.

de W6EL

You can assign a drive letter but being portable, on a different machine… Probably different again.

Hello, I created a .bat file on the USB stick in the same directory of Wfview.exe.
This batch creates first the .conf file if not existing and opens it each time you call the batch.

If you create a link from your batch file (located in the subdirectory of wfview) in the root of your USB stick (J:, D: or whatever), you automatically launch the .exe with your local config file.

I created two config files: one for a LAN environment and another for the WAN.

Below I share the contents of the LAN batch.

If you clone the batch file for the WAN remember to rename each field in the batch file from _LAN to _WAN. The variable used in the batch files are absolut to your windows environment.
If you use a LAN variable in a WAN batch file you “override” the LAN variable.

I could also share the two files if you show me how.
I hope this help. I will do some tests in the next days.

Andrew HB9FBD

@echo off

::------------------- Configuration filename ---------------------------------

::------------------- Code to keep unchanged ---------------------------------
set _SCRIPT_SETTINGS_LAN=–settings




::------------------- Launch the exe -----------------------------------------

echo exiting in 3s
timeout 3