wfview ip audio IC-7610

Hello, I want to know if I can (and then how to) stream audio to the IC-7610 from the LAN interface when transmitting.

Working on Win11 machine and currently I have the wfview connected to the radio, and enabled RigCtld.
Installed the rigctrl for windows and so I can control the radio using command line which is what I want.

Interstingly the wfserver seems to only connect to the radio via USB, was hoping that I could have wfview running headless, but the GUI version works so will have to run with that at the moment.

The next step is to ge the audio to play from a file through the radio over the LAN connection. I dont know if it is possible but woul dlike some config help on this.

I will control it all with python scripts once it all works.

As a fall back I will just use the PC output jacks to the radio, if the LAN audio is not something that will work easily.

Best regards,

(first time poster!)

Hi John,

Please see our user manual chapters on sharing control and audio setup. You can easily setup “loopback” audio form wfview to other applications. It is something commonly done to facilitate digital modes. But it could also be done for simple audio playback and record.

de W6EL

Thanks very much for the reply.

Is there any plans afoot to have wfview run headless with all its features, including the audio routing and rigctld?
wfserver seems to only connect via USB.
Being able to run wfview, setup the config, then run “wfview --headless” using the same config would be awesome.


Hi John,

Depending upon what your system has available, you may be able to launch headless like this:

wfview -platform offscreen

This invokes qt’s offscreen platform. You can also specify “vnc” as the platform, which runs a primitive and basic vnc server.

Keep in mind that if you do launch headless, you will not have a clean way to disconnect from the radio, and the radio may impose a 5 or 10 minute blackout on you, refusing connections immediately after the program ends.

de W6EL

As for the headless part, I created a task in windows 11 on the server PC to run wfview at startup. Works fine.