Wfview - No sound on client with ICOM 7300

We have all the control aspects working but are unable to get the sound. We are not using WLAN, but are using serial USB

One computer connected as the server and one is configured as a client. There is not sound coming through the client. I have made sure all the audio devices are selected properly.

Here is the log if it helps:

Try turning on the RX Audio secondary meter on the client side. See if you see any audio metering.

Also, lots of dropped packets. Maybe try an all-Ethernet (wired) setup first, just to eliminate things.

Make sure to try each of the three available audio systems. You’ll need to disconnect, change systems, select the audio device, and reconnect. Each time.

de W6EL

Thank you for your swift reply! After rechecking the audio devices it wasn’t correct this fixed the problem, but gave arise to another. The audio is very quiet on the client side despite the rx gain, and pc volume being at max. Turning the audio up on the server

The logs

Hi Bob,

That’s great that you are now able to connect.

Many operating systems have an input audio gain control. Try hunting around in your control panel for such a thing and cranking it up.

de W6EL

Hi Bob.

You also have an error in your SERVER audio device configuration:

2023-09-19 08:20:13.578 INF audio: "Server Audio input device Microphone (2- USB Audio CODEC ) found! "
2023-09-19 08:20:13.578 INF audio: "Server Audio output device Speakers (High Definition Audio Device) found! "

These should both be the USB Audio Codec device if you want to be able to transmit audio!

73 Phil M0VSE