Wfview on Mac OS client "No sound" solved

Hi All: All the stars aligned this morning and my MacBook Pro client started having sound from its speakers. This has been a problem for many months now. Here’s what solved the problem:

  1. Under Security and Privacy, add Wfview as a program to access the “Screen Recording”, “Full disk access” and “Microphone”. Once I did this and re booted, sound started on the client.

The server is a Mac mini USB connection to the 7300.
Sample rate: 48000.
Output: USAB Codec
Input: USB Codec
Rx uLaw 1ch8bit
Tx uLaw1ch8bit
serial device: /dev/cu.usbserial-14610
Baud rate 115,200

Server: qtaudio
Tx: usbaudio

Settings: Input: USB
Output: USB

Hope this helps solve this problem for others. Now LOVING Wfview. It’s always seemed really simple to use yet gets everything done clearly without extra baggage.


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That’s really strange (but glad you got it working), it shouldn’t need either full disk access or screen recording, those are features usually reserved for apps like TeamViewer. It does require Microphone.

When wfview first starts, you will receive a popup requesting access to the Microphone. I wonder if you inadvertently said ‘No’ to this access? The operating system will remember this and never ask again!

73 Phil M0VSE

Phil. I also checked Microphone access but forgot to list it. I don’t know if it needs the others or not, but it’s been communicating fine between client and server for months without sound. This was my only change.

On FB groups, the Mac to Mac interfacing and remote is a challenge. I will now support Wfview in these groups as many are searching for a solution. Except for my sound issue, which is a show stopper, Wfview was probably the fastest path to success I’ve had. That includes easy to understand, works as intended, robust enough without being complex with hidden buttons with obscure meanings everywhere. Think SDRUno and SDRAngel for examples of that.

So, my set up would be very common amongst Mac os users so having detailed steps with a few screen shots would be helpful. I might even volunteer to help with your guidance as I know little about software even though I sold Unix based software in the 1990’s…I…

Thanks Phil and your co developers. Job well done.


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Actually, microphone access is not turned on and it will not let me add wfview to microphone sharing…