Wfview on Windows 8.1 with R8600

Hello, I have just installed Wfview 1.2 and went through the setup (to the best of my ability) but I can’t
seem to get the radio to connect.

If somebody who has had success and looking through the forum I see that everybody but me
have had that success would post their radio and software settings I would sure appreciate it.

Thanks John.

Hello again. Figured out my problem with connecting my r8600 with Wfview. I had to tell it which com port to use (it didn’t like auto).

Great program, much better than the software that Icom sells for a bunch of money.

Thanks so much for producing a great piece of software. Looking forward to the next release.


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Hi John,

You will like it even more if you pull out the USB connector and connect using only Ethernet! Much faster waterfall.

Take care,

de W6EL