Wfview shuts down

I haven’t used Wfview in a couple of months. I connected my IC-7300 and started Wfview 1.61 x64 version. It worked fine it the past.

It opens but immediately shuts down after a couple of seconds. I upgraded to wfview-164-x64 which seemed to install correctly. I try it again, it opened for a couple of seconds then shuts down. I don’t have time to capture the log. Systen is a Windows 10.

I uninstalled and reinstalled and I have the same issue. Any ideas?

Mike N2MS

I uninstalled wfview-164-x64 and installed wfview-164-x86 and it is working. I would like to find out why the x64 version does not start on my W10 64 bit machine. Has anyone had a similar issue?

Mike N2MS

Maybe you should make the time to capture the log.

My guess would be a required library that only has the x86 version installed.

We’ve had a few reports of this. I suspect it has to do with a system library or other dependency which isn’t happy in 64 bit mode. You can try launching wfview from a command prompt to see if it produces any useful text. But anyway, use the 32 bit if it works.

de W6EL

I have the same issue on WIN 10 with 64 bit system 32 bit is OK.

However the app wil work for hours with NO conection to radio but fails aimost immediately when connecting to radio

Peter VK5APR

Peter that’s probably not the same issue overall.

Open a new thread and give us the details!

de W6EL


My 32 bit program works. I believe you have a different issue.

Mike N2MS

I have an update. I got the 32 bit version working last night. This morning I installed the 64 but version and started it from the C:/program/Wfview folder and it is now working. I uninstalled the 32 but version and it is still working.

As I mentioned it was working a couple of months ago but maybe some W10 upgrade changed a library.

Sam WB6RJH asked if I can capture the log but unfortunately it shut down so fast I could not see the log. Does anyone know where is the log repository is stored in the event this happens again?

By the way; I spend most of the summer operating portable so that is why I haven’t used it in a couple of months.

Mike N2MS

Hi Mike,

Log file location is in our manual:

Additionally, you can specify an alternate log file location when you run wfview from the command line, which might be more convenient. This is mentioned on the same page too.

You may also want to run with --debug for more logging details.

de W6EL

Hi Elliot,

Thanks. I found my logs are located in C:/Users/name/AppData/Local/Temp

If it occurs again I will send you a log.

Mike N2MS