Wfview to Icom IC-756Pro3 hookup

Trying to connect Wfview to my Icom IC-756Pro3 radio.
All it has to connect is the RTS01 cable to back of radio in the CI-V remote control jack

Need ssuggestions, thanks



You should set the IC-756 Pro3 to the highest CI-V baud rate supported and to the default CI-V address. Turn on CI-V Transceive. You then connect the cable to the computer. I don’t know what OS you’re running, but under linux it may be necessary to “own” the port for permission. Next open wfview. Head over to the Settings tab. Select “Connect over USB (serial)”. Select the serial device – I don’t know what name your OS will give to it but it should be somewhat obvious. Go ahead and check the “Manual Radio CI-V Address” checkbox and then fill in the IC-756 Pro III default CI-V address just as it is on the radio (probably “6E”). Technically, you can skip that step but since I don’t have a 756 and haven’t tried it, let’s default to the safer route on older radios. Now select the baud rate in wfview to whatever the radio is using, and then press Connect in wfview.

You should see the frequency, mode, and s-meter work right away under the main View tab. If it works, press “Save Settings” so that you don’t have to set it up again. If you want to access the radio remotely, press the Server Setup button (and also read the chapter on remote access in our user manual) as well as the chapter on using older radios.

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Thanks for responding.

Im using Mac os Monterey and the ic-756 pro3 only using a rts01 usb cable to back of rig into the C_-V remote control jack. no usb or ether on this one and no wave scope either just band scope.It connects and show freq and when i transmit it will not release i have to manualy


With the 756 Pro III, we do not get scope or waveform data over the CI-V connection – the radio does not send it. Therefore, all we can do is work with the standard sort of things such as frequency, mode, s-meter, etc. If you get one of those adapters that supports audio to USB, such as the XGG Comms one mentioned on our page about using older radios, then you can set up wfview to be a server for remote radio operation with 2-way streaming audio. That’s what I’ve done with my IC-718 and IC-736.

I’m not sure why you’re not seeing PTT release correctly. wfview sends the same command to all Icom transceivers for PTT. What might be happening, is you have some RF getting into the CI-V adapter (and the less-expensive adapters often do not have reasonable cable shields), causing commands to fail. Question: When you transmit, does the power meter in wfview function? Can you twist the VFO on the rig during transmit and see the result in wfview’s frequency display?


de W6EL

thanks for the info.

there are 4 diffent cable kits Digimod-4 icom 100.00, 79.00, 49.00.

Which is. the best for my situation

Yes i can twist freq dial…

Im running windows 10 on VM Fusion on a mac.

That may be where im having some issues

You can try running our native macOS build from our Downloads page. That may run a bit smoother.

I’m not really sure why you have that sticky PTT, and I’d hesitate to claim a better cable will fix it, although I think it’s worth a try. The XGG cable can also provide an alternate means of PTT using the accessory port, which we support in wfview (but I will need to add a setting for your use since we do not support it on radios with a PTT command like the 756 series). I can probably add that next week.

I’d get the cable with Icom accessory port, CI-V, and USB audio support for sure, it’s very nice having an isolated audio interface to USB, which you can use for remote access of course.

de W6EL

i should get the #4, for remote and control with a 8pin, because i will be using the 7 pin access 2 for my amp relay corc


That seems right, but you can always send xgg an email to make sure, they’re pretty good about answering. The control ACC(1) connector is great because you get audio and PTT on one connector. I think that’s what I have on my IC-736.

de W6EL

Well I got cable coming from the XGGCOMM cables. I ordered last night


The latest test builds have the PTT checkbox in the settings tab. You can check that box and it should force RTS for the PTT.

Let us know how it goes.


Good afternoonI got the eggcomms cable last week, all hooked up.
only one proble wsjt-x and wfview not working with ic-756Pro3, yet it works with HRD, FLdigi

Any suggestions?


Can you verify that no other programs that use USB serial devices or radio control are open at the same time? Then launch wfview. Please make sure the rig is set to the default CI-V address and the highest baud rate available. Also verify that CI-V Transceive hasn’t been inadvertently disabled – we use that feature to keep wfview responsive and to discover connected radios automatically.