Wfview v1.64 released

Hi all

Today we have released wfview 1.64. This release includes support for all Streamdeck controllers and contains various other bugfixes.

It is a minor release and likely to be the last release in the v1 branch as we are working on v2 which contains a complete rewrite of many parts of wfview.

73 Phil


Only Windows binaries so far, MacOS will be released later today.

Thanks Phil! Looking forward to 2.0.

But Wfview is working very well for me now that I understand ports and connections better.


I hope you get to dual spectrums soon for the 7610. RumlogNG for the Mac has done it long ago.
Otherwise a great program.

73, John N1JM

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You rule!

Just wanted you to know that. :slight_smile:


It’s not far out. We just need to make sure our interface is ready.

I am using 1.64 . Looks ok so far. One feature that other programs like Fldigi do that is a little hard for me to get used to on your main page is the frequency dial. On Fldigi and WSJT-x they allow a click up or down with the mouse on the displayed frrquency to do that. Yes, I know there is a frequency input page but, if it is possible, it would be nice to be able to click up or down on the frequency that is displayed on the main page. It would also be nice to be able to move the cursor around on the waterfall display…Maybe I’m asking too much or is that a v 2.0 improvement coming?

John Kosobucki


I use my scroll wheel to move up and down the freq. Also if I click on the wf display it will go to the freq I click on AND I can move the freq with… the scroll wheel of the mouse.

So it’s not much to ask, it’s in for a long time.

Works for a mouse true. Not for us guys with trackballs.

I cannot find version 1.64, the one I see at the download site is 1.62

thanks, Paul K0ZYV

Refresh your browser maybe…? It is all 1.64

Ok, so I installed now v1.64 and evrything is fine. Even the Shuttle
Pro is now detected. But as you know, one can never get enough. And
what I am missing is, that the IC-9700 is able to switch external
preamps and by that delivering ~ 12V/0,5A over the coax cable. More on
this can be found here (and in the schematic):

Now this would be really nice to have, when there could be added to
“Preamp #1” a field for “Ext. Preamp” too… :wink:

Since I cannot post it in the proper thread anymore (more than 90
days) I will post it here:
So I installed now v1.64 and the Shuttle Pro (NOT v2) - Contour &
derivates - are now recognized. Only the appearance is a little bit
different (minus two buttons) - see picture - but not a problem.

Hi Geoffrey.

If must announce the same device-id as one of the other Shuttle models?

Glad it’s working though!

73 Phil

No you added the code:

Ah yes you are quite right (sorry I forgot)

I can probably change the image then!

This would make it perfect !