WFview + VB-Cable, JS8Call IC705

Howdy all,

I have been changing some things around !

Actually trying JS8Call with my IC705. (wirelessly with WFview of course)

Receive works ok, but I keep getting Hamlib I/O connection errors using exactly the same set up as I am using with FreeDV

(which actually works flawlessly of course!)

Rig: Hamlib NET rigctl
Cat Control Network Server: localhost:4533

So I must be missing something obvious

Has anyone else gotten this to work with JS8Call?

W4XA (formerly WA6III)


I set up FLDIGI with little or no problem. Only thing not working there is the ability to monitor audio through the MAC Book speaker. Using the above settings FLDIGI works (I did not use FLRIG to do rig control. Evidently it isn’t needed nor should it be used when using Hamlib NET rigctl)

If there is a malfunction during high-power transmission, it should be caused by the interference of the unbalanced antenna feedback system. It is recommended to use a choke to eliminate it. The production of choke coils uses magnetic rings with a permeability of 850, with a diameter of 5cm or more as much as possible

Thanks for that info!

I am thinking the problem is not RF related since it happens while not transmitting. And when I transmit using FreeDV at up to 500W or so, I have no RF related problems.