What ports when two rigs


I connected an ICOM 9700 and use it remotely successfully. On this rig the ports 50001-5003 are used and configured in the router.

Now I want to remotelly control an ICOM 7300 and I wonder if I can use it using the same ports or three different ones should be used.

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Both can. If you however want two or more rigs from same network, running, you must have a new set of ports for each rig/config.

I for instance have 50002/2/3, 50011/12/13, 50021/22/23, 50061/62/63 etc

Thanks! I will try.

The Icom 9700 is already using the 50001-2-3 ports so I will configure the 7300 on 50004-5-6 ports.
The server is going to be a Raspberry Pi and client a laptop running Ubuntu or Mint.

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that’s ok. and if you on the client have two config files you can start wfview with these profiles.

Or if you are adventurous enough , have two wfview links on the desktop, each starting their own config file! That makes life easy. (I have 8 on my desktop for 7 rigs and one for testing stuff)