What software goes where?

Working on a remote system with IC-7300 USB to a server running Linux Mint, Client will run Ubuntu
I saw the code for the extra sendr loop-backs and put that in the Mint server, that seems to be fine. and the loop-backs appear ready to use. I want to use fldigi. Does fldigi all go on the client machine or is there part of it on the server? I need the FAQ with the block diagram to see what is supposed to be loaded where. I may have overlooked the block diagram, I avoid printing big docs but I read print faster than screens so will finally have to bight the bullet.


Fldigi on the client side. Use virtual audio cables to route the audio in and out.

For Linux, our manual shows how to do the virtual audio without any downloads. Just config.

Many thanks for the feedback sir. I am better with hardware, while this project is mainly
a software excursion hi.
Mike N7RY