Which Virtual port emulator software is the best?

I’m new at this and everything is working so far ICOM 7300 and Wfview together. Now I want to install a virtual port emulator. Which one is the most reliable and stable to download?
I want to be able to run windows 10 and icom 7300 with Wfview and wsjtx with n3fjp for logging.

Thank You
Terry Jackson

With the settings made on the machine they will not cooperate via virtual port because a difference like baud rate. For this reason, the external interface has been provided in the wfview. The best connection is wfview by RigCtld to wsjtx and then you also connect your logging software as you had it with wsjtx before. In wsjtx select Hamlib NET Rigctl also in CAT control to network server that data as described in wfview in external control section. Something like that In audio settings use the USB audio as usual. Any way if you need emulator, try the VSPE.