Win 10 download

I just downloaded the files and do not see an EXE file to load. Need assistance on how to complete download.


Hi Bill

The downloaded file is in a Zip format.
Once you extract the Zip you should see wfview.exe in the WFView folder.


Thanks for the reply Paul.
That is the issue. I do not see an exe file.


Thanks Paul.
I have unziped the folder and all I see are a bunch of Dll files. No exe file.


Hi Bill.

wfview.exe is definitely in there, as it is not a signed executable, it is possible that your antivirus software is hiding it I guess but the file is definitely there.


Phil M0VSE

Thanks Paul. Yep, it was there, however it did not have an “exe” noted on it, so had to look through properties to get it.

Thank you for the assistance.

Ah yes, Windows likes to hide the extensions of ‘known’ file types :slight_smile:

Glad you found it.

73 Phil