Windows 11 uninstall is incomplete

Brief summary of problem (put in title as well):
Radio Model: ic-7300
Connectivity (USB/Ethernet/Wifi/Other): Wifi 2.4/5ghz on LAN
Operating System: windows 11 home OS Build 22621.1702
wfview version (press “About”): 1.62
Checked the wfview manual (Y/N): Y
Checked the wfview FAQ (Y/N): Y
Tried to google it (Y/N/NA): Y

What I did: I ran uninstall WFVIEW

Expected behavior: Expected WFVEW app and all its supporting software and ALL settings made by the user while using the app would be uninstalled or the user should have been offered the choice to delete all the settings or keep them.

Observed behavior: WFView settings remain installed after running uninstall. The proof is that when I reinstall WFVIEW it remembers all the remote user id, password, codecs, server IP address that should have been removed.

This is not a bug, it is by design.

We may eventually add a delete settings option but it doesn’t currently.