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Is there some change to run Wfview on Windows 7 profressional 64 bit? The setup worked fine but when I run the program it gives errors due to missing functions in DLL’s.

I know it a quite old OS, but it is the one I have in my radio computer.

Hi Gabriel,

What version of wfview are you trying, and what exactly are the messages?

We have not tested with windows 7, so you’re somewhat on your own here, but if we have the DLLs available then maybe you can get it working?

Let us know the details,

de W6EL

wfview is the latest 64 bit version. I have just downloaded it.

The error message is in Spanish, but it says that the entry point RtlUnsubscribeWnfStateChangeNotification can’t be found in ntdll.dll.

I have tried copying a new version of that dll to the folder where wfview is installed, as I can’t replace it in C:\Windows\System32, but the message still shows up.

Maybe try the 32-bit wfview?

de W6EL

the error being in Spanish is something that’s related to the OS itself.

Thanks! Yes, the 32 bit version works perfect.

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Ooh cool! This is good to know.

Let us know what the windows 7 wfview experience is like.

de W6EL

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