Please provide the following information with your question:

  1. Operating System: WINDOWS 8.1 64-BIT
  2. Method of download attempted (from, package manager, source code, etc):
  3. Radio Model: icom-7300
  4. Method of radio connectivity (USB, WiFi, Ethernet, etc): USB
  5. Did you check the FAQ and read the manual? YES

To clarify. Which download should I use?
My computer is Windows 8.1, 64-bit.
Thank you.


it’s windows – don’t think we’ve ever tested it but try the 64 bit version. If that fails. go for the 32 bit version.

Windowns 8.1 is EOL almost a year now by the way…

To some people, windows has been EOL since the disappointment of 3.1 in 1993…

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