Wireless PTT microphone

Wouldn’t you find it useful to control a real bluetooth PTT microphone in WF view? For example, you could use a small laptop or PC in your car and connect via the 3G/4G network. There are so different models for sale. They are widely used by zello users.

Hi Christophe

Yes I have one of those microphones, they use a very simple serial protocol for PTT, and it should certainly be possible to add support for it to wfview.

73 Phil M0VSE

I have one from PrymeBlu that works natively with the ic-705, if that’s of any use. Amazon, mtcradio, HRO, probably other’s all sell these. I’m able to use mine with the PC although haven’t tried with wfview, I should probably do so.

A friendly reminder to be able to use this microphone in WFview. We need to be able to link the PTT of the microphone to WFview.