WLAN (remote) and CI-V (locally) in parallel ?

I want to run Wfview to control a remote IC-9700 (RX+TX) via WLAN and adjust the frequeny of a local IC-R7100 via CI-V synchronously to the displayed frequency. Is this possible ?


  • technically, wfview can be queried what freq it is on as it has a basic rigctld
  • if the R7100 supports CIV or something you can set this freq
  • you may need a piece of software that reads wfview’s freq query
    and sends it to the right addess in the R7100 then.

so - out of the box -probably not but you technically could for sure.

The Icom IC-R7100 has a CI-V Interface built in, so it would be nice if Wfview would put out current mode and frequency via USB in Icom-format (in addition to the WLAN control of the remote radio)
If the remote radio has local QRM it could be that the local radio would have a better (clean) reception - some kind of “diversity” :wink: