WSJT Mac Audio

I have successfully used wfview on 2 Macs with WSJT

It works but the signal on transmit looks choppy, over driven?

The volume setting and power setting is not super high, and when I lower them the radio shows Ip pretty low compared to a direct USB connection

I’m using sound flower as virtual sound card

Hi Marc,

My 7300 is super sensitive to USB audio. I have to turn the USB Modulation Level down to about 10%. You might want to bring up the ALC meter on the rig and play with the level of audio until you see it just below the ALC zone, and then lower the TX power appropriately.

Let us know how it goes,

de W6EL

I just figured this out

There a Audio midi setup which set sampling to 44.1khz as opposed to 48

When I set the midi to 48 - problem goes away am I’m back at strong smooth signal

Hi Marc,

That’s excellent, I would not have thought to check the sample rate there.

We will add this to our documentation.


de W6EL

That’s a good catch there Marc,

Internally wfview works at 48KHz. As the radio supports 48,24,16 and 8KHz, wfview includes a resampler which will convert this to the Internal rate. I will investigate whether it is possible to detect the current rate that the sound card is working on and use that as it may be preferable to resample to 44.1KHz in this situation?

73 Phil M0VSE


I don’t know the technical impacts but I had this problem with another Mac Ham utility “without Wires” by Thomas Lindner of Rumlog fame

It appears to be the same issue

I just stumbled upon the midi setup today and tried matching the values - go figure