WSJT-X not connecting after WFVIEW was run

If I run WFVIEW on the server, WSJT-X always gives me a comm error when WFVIEW is shut down and WSJT-X is run. I don’t get this error after running and shutting down RS-BA1 and running WSJT-X. I also don’t get this error when the radio and programs are on 57600, only on 115200. Windows 10 x86, IC-7300 via USB. Just downloaded 1.61 and it’s still doing this. Is there something I need to do to release com 3 (USB) after running WFVIEW?

Hi Earl.

You will get the comm error in wsjt-x because wfview controls the communication between wsjt-x and the radio so it MUST be running while you are using wsjt-x.

73 Phil M0VSE

Just noticed you are using an IC-7300, I had assumed you were using a network connected radio.

For your situation, it can take a while for the com port to be released after wfview is closed, this is something that we have seen before and to be honest, aren’t exactly sure why.

73 Phil M0VSE

windows has more of these kind of “holding” problems.

If I install s/w and after that exited the installer, many times the installer is “locked” and can’t be removed. If you then wait a bit, all over sudden that lock is gone.