WxToIMG control

Hi there,

Wondering if there is a way that I do not see to control wfview from wxtoimg software. This last only offers wxctl as external control which seems to be a kind of client/server config but can’t find details on how to setup this. Anyone tried and possibly succeed to control wfview from wxtoimg ?

Hello Stephane, you have posed a very interesting question, well done. I will be interested in any response you obtain. John, Oxford UK


You can automate frequency changes in wfview using the rigctl command. Make sure to enable wfview’s built-in rigctld-compatible server and note the port number first.

Now using rigctl you can command the frequency, which can be scripted pretty easily.

I looked at wxctl and I’m not really sure what it does. But you can definitely automate wfview to change frequencies.

de W6EL

I try to install virtual COM port so that WxToIMG can send its data there, they I can probably pickup these data with Python and send them reformatted to rigctld

if anyone know an easy solution for having virtual com ports
tried com0com but not succeed until now