X6100 no TX audio using LAN

Brief summary of problem (put in title as well): as title says, when using wfview exclusively over LAN, I have no transmit audio.
Radio Model: Xiegu X6100, latest version(20230831) firmware.
Connectivity (USB/Ethernet/Wifi/Other): Wifi
Operating System: Windows 11
wfview version (press “About”): tested on 1.64, as well as latest nightly.
Checked the wfview manual (Y/N): yes
Checked the wfview FAQ (Y/N): yes
Tried to google it (Y/N/NA): extremely yes

What I did: Connected my x6100 to wfview via wlan and attempted to transmit using WSJT-X and fldigi. Audio out is set to VB-Cable Input, audio in is set to VB-Cable Out. I manually set the MOD modes to LAN as they do not stick when disconnecting/reconnecting/reloading the application.

Expected behavior: Modulated audio should be sent from my radio as radio waves, allowing me to get back to making beeps at people the world over.

Observed behavior: I can see that audio is making it to the audio devices; the waterfall moves in wfview, receive audio works in WSJT-X and fldigi when wfview is set to either port or QT audio. The VBCable In does not show as an output when selecting Rt Audio. When I tune or try to tx, the audio “plays” to the virtual cable input, but does not output through the radio itself - waterfall shows 0.0 watts power and ALC 100. TX Audio waterfall in wfview shows that it’s “hearing” the sound, but nothing broadcasts from the radio.

I have also confirmed that I am able to tx/rx via usb using wfview, using the usb sound card built into the radio.

Are you able to transmit using a microphone on your PC without using any virtual audio cables? Try this first and make sure it is reliably working this way.

It may also help for you to turn on wfview’s secondary meter and set it to show TXAudio. This will show any sound being sent over the network by wfview.

de W6EL

I don’t do much voice, but yes, I can tx using the USB cable to connect to the sound card within the x6100, and I can confirm using PSKReporter that I’m being heard when I do so. I’ve set the secondary to TxAudio; it does show audio being “sent”, making it weirder that the radio’s not picking it up to tx.

If you’re specifically asking if I can send voice over a headset or mic from the PC side, I’ll have to check. I’ll admit I also haven’t spent any time using the handset mic on the radio.

I’ve noticed that the MOD settings reset every time I disconnect/reconnect the radio, and don’t seem to have much impact on sending audio - sending over the USB sound card when it’s on Mic or LAN, for example. Is this normal for the x6100?

If you are wanting to use the network for audio, you will need to use the network for testing the audio. Not the radio usb port.

Use your PC’s microphone and the network connection and test the transmit audio. Make use of the TXAudio meter in wfview.

The MOD source selection is probably a X6100 bug that they will need to sort out. Confirm on the radio itself how this is set.

It does not appear that I am able to TX voice this way either - it appears to be using the built-in mic when I click transmit. The TxAudio bar does spike with my voice - it even does this when not transmitting; the program definitely “hears” me.

There does not seem to be a way to set the audio source beyond which mic to use in the radio’s settings. In USB I get the microphone audio; in U-DIG I should be getting the PC audio, but I get zero watts and zero signal. I tested that with voice as well - the voice signal does not produce any output on the radio, though it no longer uses the built-in mic to pick up in that mode.

If wfview is ‘hearing’ you, it is difficult for us to help you further. Although we did provide some basic assistance to Xiegu when they asked to use our wfserver code, we have ZERO knowledge of how this was implemented and they have not fed-back any modifications that they have made.

If they have correctly implemented the Icom commands for modulation source, within wfview Settings, Radio Settings, you can select Modulation Input (for non-data modes) and Data Mod Input (for data modes).


Okay, well, at least there’s not something wrong in the application itself. I did find a blog post of someone reporting the exact same symptoms(no tx audio over LAN, rx fine and tx/rx working over usb) on MacOS, which lends some credence to the idea that they bungled it somehow and just haven’t bothered to fix it since.

Think there might be anything in the log file that might point to an explanation? If it’s something in the radio that’s fine, but I can at least go to Xiegu with some evidence to back up my claim.

The radio has to have some method to determine the transmit audio source. Worth asking them how to set it.

yeah, and it lets you pick between HANDLE, BUILT-IN, and AUTO. Lan’s not an option, frustratingly. :frowning: