X6100 Serial On rasberry pi 5

I have connect to my x6100 with wfview on ras pi 5
Cat works ok but i have no waterfall
How do i identify the audio ports created by x6100 on my pi

Hi Richard.

We have limited knowledge of the x6100 but how are you connecting to it? If via USB then I assume it will create a pair of USB audio interfaces like Icom radios do? If over LAN/WiFi (using the wfserver built into the radio) then it doesn’t create any ports, but if you want to connect to digital mode software like wsjt-x or fldigi, then you will need to create loopback audio ports.

The process for doing this is explained in Audio Configuration | wfview but you may need to do a web search for the specific commands for your Linux distribution.

Phil M0VSE

Im using the precompiled executable on Debian on a pi5. When i connect via usb the rig is identified ok and i have cat control for the x6100. But i do not have spectrum or waterfall i have the same result if i have the wfserver off or on on the x6100


Just tested in win 10 Connected via usb
Cat control ok but no spectrum or waterfall


What does the lower right corner of wfview say?