Xence QuickKeys responsiveness

Brief summary of problem (put in title as well): Increased delay of button presses to wfview action the longer QuickKeys is connected.

Radio Model: IC-7300

Connectivity (USB/Ethernet/Wifi/Other): USB
Operating System: Windows 10
wfview version (press “About”): 1.64
Checked the wfview manual (Y/N): Y
Checked the wfview FAQ (Y/N): Y
Tried to google it (Y/N/NA): Y

What I did:

After initial configuration, knob scrolling and button pressing is near instantaneous. After a period of time (10’s of minutes, 1/2 hour, etc) the responsiveness to QuickKeys input gets more and more delayed. Looking at the log, the time from a button press to wfview reporting the event also increases. Or to say another way, when wfview recieves the event, it immediately acts on it, however the event is delayed over time from the QuickKeys to wfview.

Unchecking the Enable USB Controllers option in External Control Settings and re-enabling instantly returns the responsiveness to the expected values as it re-initializes the communication to the QuickKeys.

Expected behavior:

Consistent responsiveness to button presses and knob scrolling

Observed behavior:
Progressively delayed responsiveness to button presses and knob scrolling.

This is very interesting, I have not heard of this bug yet.

Do you have any other programs sharing control with wfview, such as WSJT-X or a logging program? I wonder if wfview is just getting too busy responding to other events?

Thank you for your report,

de W6EL

I do have Log4OM and WSJT-X pulling cat from wfview, sometimes fldigi as well.

I don’t believe it’s a global overload/slowdown as it’s still responsive to use the mouse scroll wheel to tune around and buttons such as transmit, changing modes, etc are all responsive to the GUI, it only seems to be the servicing of USB controllers (and that’s a general statement as I have no other controllers than the xence to try) that goes through the slowdown.

Ryan, NF0T

I didn’t know anybody else was using the quickkeys???

I haven’t looked at mine for a while but I will test it with the latest code.

73 Phil

I Just got it earlier this week and have been trying it out, it looked the most ergonomic/useful with a dial of the ones supported, at least to me.