Yaesu CAT Commands

I did not find waterfall or UDP in the 101. I suspect this is done only in the SCU-LAN10, if available to remote programs.

CAT commands for FTDX101D


Hi Bob

Yes sadly Yaesu decided not to make waterfall data available other than over their SCU-LAN10. The way that Icom achieved it was quite a trade-off as the USB waterfall is much slower than the network based one due to the amount of data required, and the maximum speed of the USB serial interface that they use being 115200 baud.

73 Phil M0VSE

that trade-off is better han nothng though :wink:

What I really don’t understand is that the SCU-LAN10 is an add for the high end rigs. I mean… on board definitely would be a better plan (but revenue…)

the WF data via scu-lan10 however is just as fast as what we have. Probably USB3 <—> SCU-LAN10 or something…?