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As I need to control 3 radios I want to set specific conf files to access them from command line.
I’ve read the manual and the --settings with the file but could not find the description of the file itself and how to write it.
I’m running on Windows and the manual claims settings are stores in register base. Can we still use a specific setting file for each radio and if so what is the format ? Any exemple ?
Basically just need to define the LAN parameters


Simply run wfview with the –settings parameter, and it will create the file.

73 Phil

Thanks for the feedback
Tried using cmd in administrator and seized wfview --settings which start the app but I don’t see any file created at least in the root directory of wfview ? My installation is in c:/Program Files. Possibly an issue with admin rights ?

The file is created within your users AppData location (c:\users<username>\appdata\roaming\wfview). If you wish to use an ‘absolute’ path, you must specify this.


no wfview directory is created in (c:\users\appdata\roaming\wfview


My mistake it is in appdata\local\wfview\wfview although the file is only created once you run wfview with the --settings paramater.

Generally you should never need to see or edit this file.

Open wfview using the settings parameter along with a file name. Configure wfview the way you want it and then press Save Settings. For example:

wfview --settings IC7600.conf

Once you save settings, this file gets created in the standard app data folder for your operating system. Don’t even worry about where that is. Let wfview handle it.

When you edit the file yourself you risk getting wfview into a configuration it does not understand. It is much better to just manipulate it with wfview and then press Save Settings.

Most of the file’s parameters are documented on the website if you are curious though.

de W6EL

I can’t find anywhere to enter that info. When I click on [Save Settings] the button lights up but that is all.
Ed - ad7gr

Hi Ed,

You may have missed the earlier parts of this conversation. We are discussing command-line arguments to the wfview program which cause it to open and save to the so-named settings file. Within wfview, there is no way to set the filename.

For the vast majority of users, this is not a concern. If you have multiple radios connected up to wfview, then you would want to create desktop shortcuts which use command-line arguments to specify different settings files.

The Log window of wfview will indicate the path to the settings file that it is using, should you wish to verify.

de W6EL

Thanks for responding. Phil let me know that [Save Settings] and, I assume also [Radio Status], are only used for network connected radios, not my USB use of computer to rig. I’m running one 705. I’m just learning and didn’t understand.
Ed - ad7gr

Dear all,

Actually I still want to control multiple radios and on one other post here I’ve been told to add shortcuts to each radio. Doing that without specifying anything else will open the latest configuration i.e. the last radio I’ve set.
I thought it was possible to create a config file for separate radios and simply call them from the command line but now I do understand the settings are actually in the windows registry. So How can we set multiple radios ?


The settings are NOT stored in the Windows registry if you specifiy --settings on the command line. This feature is designed for exactly what you are trying to do. Simply create multiple shortcuts with a different --settings option for each radio and it will maintain dedicated settings for that radio.

no directory in c:\users\username\AppData\Local.

There is also c:\users\username\AppData\LocalLow but nothing there neither
What I’m missing ? :-/

This is actually in \AppData\Roaming\wfview

but the file is created only when pressing the Save Settings button

Why do you want to find the files? wfview will use whatever writable directory that it can find, and will only be created once you run wfview with --settings and save settings. This is BY DESIGN!

This is also covered extensively in the online manual for wfview Command-Line Arguments | wfview

No sure this is written there where is saved the conf file and that it’s created once pressing the ‘Save Settings’ button.

For those who need to create a shortcut to different settings files for beeing able to open multiple instances of wfview for differents radios, the procedure is :

  1. from command line call wfview --settings confFileName.conf

  2. adjust your settings for your radio and press ‘Save Settings’ button. The file will be created in c:\users\username\AppData\Roaming but actually you don’t need to go there yourself

  3. Create a shortcut on desktop with the following syntax shown for the 3 radios I’m controlling for instance :

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Which is exactly what is detailed in the manual page that I linked to

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Weather satellites (VHF APT) on your R8600? Does it have wide enough bandwidth?

Hi Elliott,
Yes the R8600 has 7 / 15 / 50 kHz filters in FM
50 kHz is ok for 137 MHz
These images have been received with a simple discone without preamp, processed by WxToImg


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