Error Messages When I try to install on Windows 10

I cannot install Wfview on my Windows 10 PC.

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sorry to hear that. Now, we don’t track error messages that arrive at your screen so there is no way to help you here, uness you tell us what you did, what you encountered when you tried to install wfview. Also, what version?

Thanks for your reply. I will get back with you soon with all the details. Right now I am occupied with the mess going on over in Afghanistan.

ok let us know – we’re here :wink:


You might need to download the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime from here

Hi Michael,

I was having the same issue after downloading MS VC++ Runtime from several different places (including the MS site). When I downloaded from the link provided by Roeland, the install succeeded.

Steve - N7SE

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It didn’t allow me to post the link so google Windows 10 in S mode FAQ and you will find the process from Microsoft.


Do a search for the filename exactly as spelled on the computer. When you find it note the location.
Open up a command prompt as an administrator. From the C:> prompt, type in cd (then the exact location where the file was found). Then type “regsvr32 msvcp140.dll” This will register the file in the windows registry. If it comes back with no entry point found then this will not work. If it does work, then it will come back with succeeded. Also because of security on windows 1. Are you running the home edition? If so you will need to get out of S-Mode - link posted. 2. Try right clicking on the install program and select run as administrator. A lot of times this will work around security issues accessing the program files directory which can prevent you from installing software.


I just ran into this with an install on a new computer. I found one thing that that was a problem for me.

The 64bit Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime download will not work. You have to use the x86 version.

After getting the x86 version installed all worked fine.

No problem with having both versions installed.

73… Ken - VE5KC