Ethernet to USB for coms?

I have a couple of micro-USB to Ethernet adapters that I previously used with a web camera to configure it. Would it be possible to use one of these with the appropriate adapter for an IC-7100 or IC-7300 to allow WFView to communicate via Ethernet rather than use USB and have to run through a computer? I have not tried it yet as I don’t have a suitable micro to USB-B connector on hand.

Hi Stephen,

I think it would work, Roeland (PA3MET) uses some kind of remote USB solution successfully with his 7300.

With that said, don’t forget that wfview has a built-in radio server intended for this application. You just need a Pi or some other computer to run the server.

de W6EL

I was thinking if I could get the adapter to work, I would be able to just connect directly to the radio remotely over the Internet without having to set up the server part of Wfview, much like connecting to a 7600 or one of the other radios that have built-in Internet capability. I know I could set up the server while connected though the USB port. It was direct connect via Ethernet to my home network that I was hoping to set up.