Fldigi and wfview

Dear all,
I am using wfview 1.61 on Linux
Leap 15.4 together with Icom 705.
Can I use wfview together with Fldigi? If so, instructions for connection?

Thanks very much,

Hi Rubén,

Welcome to wfview!

Please take a look at the manual, specifically Hamlib rigctld emulation | wfview

73 Phil M0VSE

Dear Phil,
Thank you for your quick reply.

I have followed the manual for which you have kindly sent me the link, and it does not work for me. So I will try to go step by step and see if you can help me.

First of all, I do not get fldigi “engaged” with wfview. For example the frequencies on both programs do not match (see image attached).

Please have a look at my configuration window from fldigi.

I noticed that when I mark “use hamlib” and then click on “initialize” at the bottom, the tick box changes to unmarked.

Any ideas?
Thank you,

Did you enable rigctld in wfview and set the port to match the one in fldigi (4532)?

Settings->External Control->Enable RigCtlD

Thank you Phil for your suggestion.
Wfview and Fldigi are now connected.

I will keep testing things and report in a different thread if
I see something which I think is not working.

Best regards,

Don’t forget to route the audio.


de W6EL