IC-7300 audio on PC

I’m quit new with WFView and start using WFView with the IC-7610 and IC-R8600 and get all working.

The IC-7610 and IC-R8600 are LAN connected and till so far I’ve only tested receive, on LAN & WAN and this is working, in both cases I receive audio on the pc.

But because my IC-7300 doesn’t have a LAN port I need to connect it over USB.
If I get all working later I will also try to use WAN connect (if possible), any help in this is welcome.

But what I’m struggling with, the IC-7300 is connecting fine over USB on my local PC, but I don’t get the audio from the rig over the PC speakers, if I adjust volume the audio from the rig is changing.

Any help in this is welcome.

Gert-Jan - PA4GJ

Without a server you will only have sound from the rig, this is how it works

So, if I understand right, in the shack audio of the IC-7300 will always be played through the rig.

But if I enable the radio server function in the WFView software, configure username/pwd, UDP port en configure portforward in the router and remote connect I should be able to hear the rig over the remote PC as long the rig is on and WFV is running in the shack?

If I remote control the rig, audio in the shack wil be played?

I must be misunderstanding this, but I run wfview all the time for local radio control (client, not server) via USB to my 7300. I have audio output coming from my PC speakers/headphones using the 7300’s USB Audio Codec which is enabled and set for ‘listen to this device’ in the Windows sound control panel. I leave the volume control on the 7300 at minimum.

It all works for me. Am I missing something?

@DaveKE3HJ No you aren’t missing anything, wfview is not involved in the audio with your setup as it wouldn’t really add anything.

Yes @PA4GJ that is correct.

Ok, good. Thanks, Phil.

I’m using Windows 10 in a Parallels Desktop envoirement on a Mac, I’m not that into Windows, can you share a picture of your setting @DaveKE3HJ ?

Here they are:

Not much to it. You have to make sure that your Serial Device (COM3 in this example) matches the Device Manager’s assignment:



Thanks Dave, this part I have also configured right I guess.
What I did ment was the Windows Audio configuration because I don’t get the rig audio over my speakers.

Look in your Sound Control Panel on the Recording tab for a device labeled ‘USB Audio Codec’. I named mine ‘Output from 7300’.
Double-click the device to show its properties. Click on the ‘Listen’ tab, and make sure that ‘Listen to this device’ is checked.
Adjust levels if needed. Then you should get the received audio from your 7300 into your PC for listening on headphones, speaker, whatever.


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Working solution, thanks.

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Glad to hear it! You are welcome!

I run the output of my PC into a small 10w/channel Class T amp and then to a pair of small bookshelf speakers (Dayton Audio in this case). Very good sound quality for less than $100USD. Many other choices available.


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hey GJ,

what’s the reason to have it virtualized instead of using native wfview for the mac?
(I can think of stuff, just wondering)


Hi Dave. Thanks for this tip. I can instantly hear my 7300 thanks to you on my headset. While on the topic… now that I can hear the 7300 in my headset… what is the trick to get the microphone on my headset to work through the USB attached computer while local?? ( I understand that radio people buy radio headsets for the 7300 but computer people have lots of computer headsets lieing about they would like to use when they realize wfview is so great.)

(I can make this whole thing work on my remote client when using the server no problem… just when I am back home I am always puzzled by this software as I no longer use the laptop and its client)

Many thanks


Hi Edward,

I haven’t done this, but I would guess that:

  1. Make sure your USB headset’s mic is set to ‘Listen to this device’, as before, and
  2. In the wfview Settings->Radio Settings, set the Modulation Input to USB.

Should work? Will probably have to play around with the various levels.


Hi. I gave it a shot. “Listen to that device” as you suggested does create the ability to hear the computer headset microphone in my headset… as in a monitor… but I was unable to figure out how to get the headset microphone to send audio to/modulate the radio. The audio scope on the ic7300 stayed as flat as a board.

Did you set the Mod Input on the 7300 to USB?

Is this something different from the setting in WF view? WF view with client and server works fine with and without headset on the client. So I suspect the setting you are thinking of is set on the 7300 .

Wsjt/x works fine on the computer that has the server when I am not using WF view so again I believe the item is set.

No it is the same setting. You will need some method of routing the microphone (input) audio to the USB TX (output) I’m sure that there is software that can do that, as wfview does not get involved with audio on USB connections.


As I mentioned before, I have not done this so I suggested these as a starting point, but, although it is not usb, I plugged in a headset that I use for web meetings to try a few things.
Without changing any other settings on the 7300 or in wfview, go to Sound Control Panel and select your USB mic. Click on Properties (or just double-click the USB mic). On the Recording tab, where you selected ‘Listen to this device’, look at the list of devices in the drop-down box under ‘Playback through this device’. Find your 7300’s USB input and select it and click Apply.
Works for me!
You might have to go to the Levels tab and make adjustments. Might have to click Apply again after making changes.
Let me know how it goes.