Remote control when away from home

Good morning,

I was introduced to wfview last night and had a cursory look to see how I can remote control to my home station when away from home. I can’t seem to locate anything but references to LAN (so I can control from another location on my home network)
Can anyone advise me?

My initial thoughts are that this is great and I would look forward to utilising this weekend.


Hi Andy,

Sure thing, what kind of radio do you have that you wish to remote?

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,

Wow thanks for a quick response!

I have a 7300 and 705.

That said I was forwarded the email from a local club member and will be setting up his 7610 too.


Here’s an update - I am managing to get audio through via LAN but not the waterfall/frequency.
The remote pc doesn’t connect.
I have disengaged the virtual port which is the bridge for omnirig but still no improvement- I must have a setting wrong somewhere - anyone advise?

Hi Andy,

Can you explain exactly how you are connecting? I am assuming you are connecting to the IC705 via WLAN and the 7300 via USB? To diagnose this sort of issue, the more information about your setup the better.

Are you using the wfview server mode to then access the 7300 remotely as that is still quite experimental and remote connections can overwhelm the CAT port of the radio. We are currently working on a cached connection to reduce the number of requests being sent to the radio.

If you aren’t getting the frequency/waterfall, can you check that CI-V transceive is enabled on the radio as that being disabled is the most common cause of this issue.

73 Phil M0VSE

The ICOM remote software is wonderful for SSB use. You can not use a paddle or key with this software on CW, but a keyboard is available that works well. I have used it with a 705, and 7610 and know others using it with the 7300 with great results. For free software then try RemoteHams that does a great job on all of your rigs.



Hi Andy,

As Phil mentioned, please make sure you have CI-V Transceive set to “ON”, and double-check it in case it got turned off by another program.

Your 705 will work over the network out of the box, with just a few changes to the menus (enable LAN, enable LAN control, set up a user and password, etc). Just route the ports through your router – and it sounds like you have done that already!

For the 7300, you’ll need a Raspberry Pi or a regular desktop computer to run wfview on, with the 7300 connected via USB. We have a page of the User Manual called “Remote Operation” that details this setup. You should also know that we are working hard on the wfview to wfview streaming audio connection code and there will be big improvements soon.

Let us know what questions you might have,


Hello Hank,

You indicate that there is CW keyboard that works with wfview. I have an Icom 7300 that is working remotely (LAN) with wfview and would like detailed information on the CW keyboard that you are referring to. Thanks and 73.

Hi Steve,

That’s news to us if there is! This is something that is on our roadmap.

I suspect that Frank was referring to Icom’s own software.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil et al,

I have not even looked at connecting the IC705 yet- I think that will be easy as I don’t want any

I am connecting the 7300 to the software via usb to my shack desktop pc. It uses com port 4.

On my shack desktop pc I have all functionality and I think it’s great!
I have used a virtual port (Com16) which connects to omnirig
and that in turn connects to Log4OM, WSJTX and gridtracker so it achieves much more than my copy of RS-BA1.
On the shack PC it all functions perfectly. :grin:

When I try to remote control to another PC on the home network - I receive the audio, frequency and have functionality but no waterfall. I haven’t tried the improv and software because I will control that via team viewer or the like.

I am happy to wait until the software develops - I just wasn’t sure if it was something I was doing wrong or if it is ‘a development in progress.

Hi Andy,

Ah yes that makes sense, you “should” receive the waterfall on the remote machine but we have seen that some sort of race condition can occur where the network connected wfview gets overwhelmed with data coming from the server.

This is definitely something that we are working on but I don’t have a solution for the issue at the moment.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil,

That is probably the case, and in that case I will wait for your solution. Thanks. N7SE

I intend to wait for a work around - it is very impressive from my initial use.

I am new to this software. but I am running an Icom 7300 from a Windows 10 PC and connecting with a MacBook Pro, both using WFView. I have had no issues on the same network but cannot connect from a different network. Do I need any additional software to make this possible?

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You don’t need any additional software but you will need to forward the UDP ports (50001-50003) on your network router to the computer running wfview and then connect to your external (public) IP address from the remote computer.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi, Phil.
I’ve been unsuccessfully stumbling over this for several days now. i’d like to be able to operate from my son’s house (about 150 miles away), but I can’t seem to get into the system when I visit there.
My home radio that is running wfview is a Dell with Debian Linux 10.9. It’s on a LAN with several other Linux machines fed by an Arris cable modem. I set the Arris to forward ports 50001-50003 to the wfview computer, and made settings in wfview and my IC-7610 as per the User Manual. The system is working fine over the LAN, but not from the WAN.

I can’t get a connection from the remote computer. Utilities like nmap say that there are no ports open in the 50000-range on either the wfview computer or the IC-7610.


… Rich

Hi Rich

To access the 7610 remotely, you need to forward UDP ports 50001-50003 from your internet router to the IP address of the 7610 (not your PC). There is no need to have wfview running on your local PC as the remote wfview can connect direct to the rig as long as the ports are forwarded.

I would make sure that you are forwarding UDP ports (not TCP)

73 Phil

Ok. I’m impressed by how quickly you guys reply! Thanks.

I thought I had tried what you recommend, but I’ll try it again to be sure. Gives me another good reason to visit my son in Connecticut.

But why does the rig not show those ports as open when I scan it with nmap?

… Rich

Hi Rich

What nmap command did you use? For UDP it should be:

nmap -sU -p 50001

73 Phil


How do you find the remote 705? Do you need to have some kind of remote IP software running at your house so you can find the radio on your home network?



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