Remote Mic Gain too low 7300

I have Wfview running fine on my macmini/Ventura. Local when I use the Icom 7300 hand mic, it works as expected. I also have Wfview running on an older Macbook Pro updated with OpenCoreLegacy Patcher running Wfview as a remote client. Works as expected both LAN and WAN. I also use Wfview as a seerver to connect my 7300 to SDR-Control via an iPad 8gen. It also works as expected. HOWEVER, I can’t get the ALC meter up much on the 7300 when running remote on either the internal iPad or macbook microphones or external JBL Quantum 100 headset mic on either computer. I have tried maxed out settings on the mic gain on both the iPad and Macbook, but can barely get a deflection on the ALC meter on the 7300.
I’m thinking I need a pre amp on the remote input side to feed Wfview a hotter microphone signal but want to see what anyone else is doing before going there.
Ft8 drives full power thorugh the Wfview server via SDR-Control on the iPad so I know the power can get to the 7300 through Wfview. Receive Audio works great on both the iPad running SDR-Control and the Macbook running Wfview as a client. All the internal Mac settings are correct and are using the proper input or output devices.
Any thoughts on how to get the ALC meter up on the 7300 using the JBL Quantum headset and microphone. I really like it with the iPad running SDR-Control through a Wfview server. Thanks for any help provided.
AC5LL, Steve

Some ideas in this thread: ICOM 7300 low audio

I would start by increasing the USB mod setting on your radio; have found that the default is quite low myself. Will need to adjust your FT8 volume lower to compensate.

Make sure modulation source on the radio is set to “USB” for voice and data modes.

Use wfview client and enable audio metering. Verify level meets -6dB fs on peaks. See manual for directions on this.

de W6EL


After fiddling with the control settings as suggested, I am all set. The AGC actually had to be reduced some as I was overdriving.

This is good news for me as the SDR-Control program is now working perfectly on the iPad with the JBL Quantum 100 headphone microphone set. I like SDR-Control because it has most everything I need built in like Ft8, WEFAX, logging, touch pad control and tuning and it’s on an iPad so its easy to take around. BUT none of that happens with a 7300 without Wfview and its server functionality.

So, while it has taken me awhile to join the ranks of the remote control operators in the group, I have.

Hats off to Wfview team for an excellent product. I appreciate your help with my set up.


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