RUMLogNG and wfview

Anyone running the two programs on a Mac? Any problems?
Running an old mini. 4 gig memory on a 2.4 processor

Hi Kenneth,

I do not personally have RUMLogNG, however, let me share with you one method that seems like it should work, and a second one that might. By the way, what radio are you using?

Method 1: radio → wfview → flrig → RUMLogNG
Simply enable wfview’s built-in rigctld-compatible server. Make a note of the port. Open flrig, and configure the hamlib “net” radio, specifying as the IP and of course the same port as is listed in wfview. In flrig, enable the XMLRPC radio server. RUMLogNG seems that it supports XMLRPC, so tell RUMLogNG to connect to flrig using the XMLRPC protocol. We are basically using flrig to go between wfview’s built-in rigctld and XMLRPC.

Method 2: Use wfview’s “TCP Server Port”, which is under External Control in settings.
It seems like RUMLogNG supports an interface called “TCP”. If this interface expects raw radio commands over TCP, then it may work fine with wfview. Simply enable the “TCP Server Port” inside wfview (use a port number greater than 4096, I think that will be needed on macOS although I am not sure, doesn’t hurt). Select your radio model in RUMLogNG, set the interface to TCP, and specify “” and the port number in wfview. If this method works, it will probably be the most transparent and responsive method.

I can’t really tell from the RUMLogNG manual if it supports rigctld directly. It might, many programs do. If it does, the Hamlib model “#2 NET rigctl” is the radio to select when using rigctl between two programs. It may also be that RUMLogNG will support our Virtual Serial Port, however, many programs do not let the user specify the path to the serial port, and thus won’t ever consider wfview’s PTY. If you can specify the path to the serial port, then you can use wfview’s virtual serial port.

Required reading :slight_smile: :

Please, let us know if any of this works out for you.

de W6EL

Radio is a 7300. Wife works the next 2 days so will play computer and radio setup. Thank you for the information. Also have a TenTec Paragon that has developed a PLL unlock issue, so plenty of projects to work on!

Oh boy. Enjoy resoldering the entire board. Those rigs are wonderful when they work.

I’m thinking my assumption about the TCP Server Port is incorrect. But anyway, see what you can find out.

de W6EL

IC-7610 works with RumlogNG for me using the ICOM server. I have receive audio problems with WFview using version 1.5.

73, John N1JM

Right. The question is about connecting using wfview and then allowing rumlog to also control the radio.

If you have issues connecting using wfview, John, start another topic (message thread) and we’ll get it all straightened out. The Icom radios can only accept one network connection at a time.

de W6EL

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Yes, I don’t try to connect both at the same time to the ic-7610. For some reason WFView 1.5 is now connecting fine.

73, John N1JM

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that’s because we did the “remote magic support” trick John.