Satellite operation with 9700

I’m wondering if it’s possible to remotely operate in satellite mode on the IC-9799 using WFView? Our club has a nice HF remote station and some of us have been discussing the possibility of creating a remotely operated satellite station giving club members who can’t assemble their own satellite home station. It seems that RS-BA1 and Win4Icom will not handle the task. How about WFView?

Rick, W2JAZ

Hi Rick,

It’s close but not quite ready. For satellite mode you really need to see both VFOs and easily tune either one. We are close on this, version 2 may handle it.

You can see some videos of me working two satellites using wfview on YouTube. I am not an expert operator with satellites so don’t laugh! In my case I also used the radio’s co trips since I was sitting right there.

Keep an eye on our development and you may see it be ready soon.

de W6EL

This would be fantastic. I read earlier threads on this development and they were from a year or so ago I I wanted to inquire if we were there yet. Remember that with an IC-9700 you could involve the use of the S.A.T controller that is a little box that controls everything even the rotor based on satellite selection. With it all you need to do is basically see the radio/VFO and tune the RIT control remotely I think. I’ll keep an eye on future developments.

It’s already a great tool and this will make it even better!
Rick, W2JAZ

Yup same request here. We have a satellite station, and want to make it remoteable…I have played around with wfview and using the split menu to access the two tuners…but gpredict really doesn’t like the rigctl interface apparently…

Rigctl is the main reason for us persuing this software. (and the price)


Any software leveraging hamlib is going to suffer some issues with more modern radios.

Gpredict is unfortunately one such program.

The 9700 has commands for satellite mode but the way hamlib is written, the software alternates between the two VFOs (main/sub switching basically) and sends commands out when it switches. It makes it super annoying to manually tune when this is happening. You’ll experience this even if you go directly from gpredict to rigctld to the radio, without wfview.

I’m not really sure what the best solution is here but if someone wants to provide some guidance and ideas I am all ears. Maybe there is a way to accept the commands from gpredict and apply them in a special way with wfview to the 9700?

My satellite experience is so little (see my two satellite videos on YouTube under W6EL) that j am often fearful of making things worse. Please, rope me in and tell me how it should be :-).

de W6EL