Spectrum Scope peaks

Suggestion: Instead of having to manually click a button to erase the peaks, would it be possible to have them fade so that one has a more real-time view of current peaks? After a short period of time it is rather useless to have the old peaks remaining.

The peaks automatically disappear after a peak hold delay. The clear button clears the waterfall.

the same rig behaviour is already on a roadmap. thsnks for the suggestion

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Hello Mark,

I think you have it backwards. The waterfall clears itself as it scrolls. The spectrum scope is where it holds the peaks until the clear button is used. It is the spectrum scope that I am requesting that it clears after a time instead of holding the peaks until the button is clicked.

See Roeland’s post also. It looks like this will be addressed in a future update.


I was referring to the operation of my program, not WFView.


That was unclear as I was asking about WFView behavior. What is your program and how does it relate to WFView?

I am trying to write a program that talks to the Icom radios over the LAN. It has nothing to do with WFView other than I’m using the WFView source code to figure out the network protocol and picking the brains of the developers here on the forum.

Okay. then your answer had no application to my question since it was related to your program and not my question about the operation of WFView. I currently do not have any LAN connected radios. The ones I have connect via USB, so I am experimenting with WFView. I hope to have remote operation configured before our next trip.

The relevancy is that if Mark finds something visually pleasing, we might do it similar in wfview. Having other people to bounce ideas off is super helpful. I really value input on these kinds of topics, it takes a lot of work to prototype UI/UX ideas, and sometimes you do the work and then find out that it wasn’t the best way… so you revert… Any input is really helpful!

I too want a kind of fading “digital phosphor” to the peaks, I think it’ll look great.

de W6EL

Okay. I’ll concede the point. I had not thought of it from that angle.