Startup/shutdown issues, Fedora 35 and Wfview

Hello everyone,

I am trying Wfview. I did have issues with getting the waterfall display to work until I found an explanation that I needed to have the radio set to 115200 for it to work. I had been using 9600 with WSJT-X. That solved, I have a different issue. Twice I have been using Wfview, and then I shut down to participate in a net. That is when I had a problem.

I tried to transmit, but I had no outgoing signal according to the display on the radio. I was hearing fine, but when I keyed the microphone, I did not see any evidence on the display like I normally do. I ended up doing a soft-reset on the radio which restored it to proper operation. This has happened twice.

I figure that I am doing something wrong, but can’t quite figure out what that is. I would like to get this solved before attempting to do a server/client test. I think it would be great when we travel to be able to use the radio at home remotely. I’m hesitant to try it though until I get the issue solved. I would appreciate any suggestions and/or a chart to specify the proper settings for the IC-7300 for operation and if any of them need to be changed for regular operation not using Wfview.

Hi Stephen,

Possibly you need to set the audio input on the radio from “USB” to “Mic”. Many people using wfview use either the remote network audio or digital modulation programs, both of which require the radio input set away from “mic”.

You can access the “Modulation Input Source” adjustment either from the radio menu, or, within wfview under Settings → Radio Settings → Modulation Input.

Let me know if that’s the issue.


de W6EL

Hello Elliott,

That might be it. I did not change the audio input tonight and it is running and working well. It might be nice if Wfview switched the setting automatically, much as WSJT-X does when I start it up and shut it down. I think I did change it on those two times. I have just been running it and did not change the audio settings away from the default pipewire. When I shut down, I was still able to transmit.

My guess is that the audio needs to be changed if I were to do remote operation, but as long as I am sitting here with the radio, I should not change the audio settings, but just use the program for the band scope and other functions.